How To Make Moving Kid-Friendly and Fun During Summer Break!

Moving with kids can be difficult for many reasons – including leaving behind a community that is loved, fueled by friends and memories in a home that is familiar. But there are ways to make your move less difficult on your children and a lot more fun, which is why MoversBC wanted to share these tips on ‘How To Make Moving Kid-Friendly and Fun During Summer Break!’.

Make a Fun Chore-Board
Kids function well when they know what is expected of them, so creating a visually fun chore-board will help your kids get involved, know what’s expected of them during the move, and give them the opportunity to choose how they want to go about each task handed to them.

Allow Your Kids to Photo-Bomb Your Home
Taking photos of memories contained in your current home will help your children feel better about leaving behind where many of them were created. By allowing your kids to go around your house and take pictures of all the things that mattered to them, they can then create a fun story-board to set up on your new home so these memories can be relived at-a-glance.

Take a Walk Through the New Neighbourhood
Getting to know their new neighbourhood will also help your children feel “at home” in the new location. Find cool parks and hidden gems within your new community to get your kids excited for the next chapter in life, and allow them to see the excitement that awaits at their new home.

Pick-A-Present, “Any” Present
Although bribery is not the intended motivation, offering a “reward” for helping to move, and maintaining a good attitude throughout the process, can be all the motivation a child needs to help ease the “pain” of moving. So […]

Top 5 Tips for a DIY Hot Summer Move

Summer can be a fun-filled beautiful season in the Lower Mainland, but it can also be an overly warm time to move – which is why MoversBC wants to share these ‘Top 5 Tips for a DIY Hot Summer Move’ to help you get through it!

Rise and Shine
By starting your day early you will be able to get things rolling before the hot summer heat hits the air, when it becomes increasingly uncomfortable to move – both physically as well as your household items. Take advantage of an early start to finish earlier and endure less of the mid-day heat.

Dress Comfortably Light
There is nothing worse than moving in restrictive clothing, especially when it’s warm out. So ensure you plan your wardrobe accordingly, and dress comfortably light for an easy breezy move.

Drink Plenty of Fluids
No matter if it’s a hot summer day or the middle of winter, the physical exertion involved in moving is going to have you sweating, so ensure you are drinking plenty of water in order to keep your body properly hydrated.

Ensure Your Utilities are Hooked Up Pre-Move
Moving into a house that hasn’t been lived in for some time can mean a stuffy move-in. So ensure your utilities have been turned on in order to get the air flowing at your new location, and better ensure you will be able to utilize the air conditioning system if available, or at the very list – enlist some air-flow through fans.

The Mindful Packing of Fridge and Freezer Items
Moving items out of your fridge and freezer to your new home can be a bit tricky when moving in the hot heat of summer. So consider using a cooler and taking your perishable items […]

Planning Ahead for a Summer Move

Moving in the summer in the Lower Mainland is both and excellent and busy time in which to move. With good weather often in the forecast it makes moving a dry experience, but that is also the reason a lot of people choose to move during the summer months – making it a busy season to book movers. Which is why it is important to plan ahead for a summer move – and here’s how!

Secure a Mover
If you are planning to hire movers in Metro Vancouver, securing a mover is an important first step in order to get both the best movers, as well as negotiate the best rates. Keep in mind, best rates and best movers are not always one-in-the-same, but we caution you with jumping on the “best rate” without fully researching what all is covered in that rate.

Often times moving companies have hidden fees that aren’t disclosed until the end of your move, or implement surprise added moving costs for larger items. As well, cheaper rates might involve uninsured moving companies that offer a rock-bottom rate, but they don’t have the ability to guarantee the safety of your items.

So be sure to ask all the necessary questions in order to safeguard against the unexpected, and opt for a moving company, such as MoversBC, who can provide you with a full-disclosure moving quote.

Decide on Packing Services
Another service some moving companies provide is a packing service. At MoversBC we are pleased to offer start-to-finish moving packages, which includes both packing up your home, as well as moving all your items into your new space.

Check Into Specialty Insurance for Moving Valuable Items
Although most reputable moving companies in the Lower Mainland have their […]

Choosing the Right Vancouver Movers for Your Moving Needs

Not every move is created equal as every household and business comes with a variety of specific needs, budgets and desired outcome. So at Movers BC – we’re here to help you with ‘Choosing the Right Vancouver Movers for Your Moving Needs’.

Trust First Impressions
There’s a lot to be said about going with your gut instinct. Although some might suggest that’s not a sound “business decision”, trusting what you know will better help you choose what’s best for you – and that goes for choosing a Vancouver moving company also.

Whether your in-person meet was interrupted by phone calls that were seemingly more important than you, or calling in had you speaking with someone abrupt and not accommodating to your questions, are both initial red flags when it comes to sound service.

When moving your Vancouver home or place of business, you want to be sure you will be heard and valued as an individual customer – so ensure that happens from the onset.

Organization Starts Online
If you are having a hard time finding a specific Vancouver moving company online, and perhaps you found them within Craigslist or Kijiji, this too should be a mental note to you of their business quality. In this day and age, creating a website it a very doable and affordable way to be found, and a social media site is an additional free outlet that holds businesses accountable with a free-forum to post your praise or grievance reviews.

So if your moving company in question has not made an effort in either of these online areas, both professionalism and verifiability may come into question.

A little homework goes a long way when looking into the right Vancouver moving company for you, and at […]

Spring Cleaning ‘To Do’s’ Before the Big Move

Spring is an excellent time to move in Metro Vancouver, and Movers BC is happy to provide you with movers and packing equipment for all your moving needs in Langley, Surrey, Coquitlam and beyond. And with these ‘Spring Cleaning ‘To Do’s’ Before the Big Move’, you will be ready for a fresh start in no time!

Start by Cleaning the Big Stuff
Leading up to your move you will want to get the big chores out of the way, which will really help to minimize what needs to be done closer to move-out time.

1. Clean the Oven – although many people have a self-cleaning oven, those who don’t will want to begin the process of getting the oven the right shade of clean. Oven cleaners usually take more than one application, so perhaps put this on your ‘To Do’ list a month before the move, tackling it once a week – which should leave you with a simple “wipe and go” once the month is complete.
2. Clean Out the Refrigerator/Freezer – a lot of us hold on to condiments and frozen bananas for that “one day” use that never comes. So if you have items that have not been touched in months, begin to purge them for a quick move of your remaining refrigerator and freezer goods – most of which should be able to be transported in a cooler once complete.

From the Windows to the Walls
Windows and walls are also things you will want to get a jump-start on, and if you start early, this task will also be manageable and done before you know it.

As you go from room to room packing and purging, take 10 minutes to clean the windows and another 20 to […]

Don’t LOVE Packing? Opt for Our Packing Service!

Packing is often the most painstaking part of moving, which is why – if you don’t love packing, you should opt for our packing service!

Individual Moving Needs Assessment
In today’s day and age, we all tend to lead busy lifestyles. From work, to kids, to commitments to our extended family and friends – there just never seems to be enough time to go around. So when you consider time as a resource, the phrase “time is money” takes a literal turn for truth. So assess your individual moving needs, and see if the cost of packing services is a valuable moving service you wish to opt for.

Seniors and Moving
Perhaps you are a senior, or have elderly parents who are ready to move out of their independent living situation into something more accommodating to their needs; packing up their household items is likely not going to be a capability for them, so hiring a company that can do this in a caring manner will be an important consideration.

Take a Trip – Allow Us to Pack!
What better way to start fresh in your new home than to leave all your cares behind, take a trip and allow us to do the packing. Not only will this ensure all the work is done by the time you return, but also it will minimize your stress while creating an added relaxing element to your life!

Physical Considerations of Packing
We understand that there are those with physical limitations, and the ability to pack up their household items is not a possibility – which is yet another reason to hire a company who offers packing services and will ensure your personal belongings arrive safely in your new home, while ensuring your […]

Silly Moving Tips (That Work) For a Happy Move This Year!

Making the most out of life is part of having a happy existence, and although moving is one of those things one might not associate with “fun”, there are ways to make it as such. So Movers BC wanted to offer our reading audience these “Silly Moving Tips (That Work) For a Happy Move This Year!”.

Set Up a Junk Food Buffet
Whether you have hired local movers in Coquitlam or surrounding areas, or you have invited your friends and family over to help with your moving in Langley – offering your hardworking crew a junk food buffet will have them hopped up on sugar and using that added energy to pack, lift and move your household items with a sugar-induced smile on their faces!

Make a Moving Playlist
Little else is more motivating than music, so making a moving playlist full of your favourite songs – and some added high-energy melodies to really get you in the groove, will help everyone step up the pace and get into action.

Pssst …Use This Packing ‘Cheat Sheet’
Small things can make big differences, like keeping your clothes in your dresser for the movers to wrap up and deal with, as well as rolling your clothes with the hangers still on and putting them in your hamper and/or suitcases, will make for a much easier time when it comes to unpacking at your new home.
Also, leave flatware and kitchen tools in the containers. No need to unpack these items from their resting place only to have to put them all back together again.

Do a Little Every Day
Packing a couple days before your move will leave you with a lot of work right before the big day. So pick a room, […]

Managing a Move at Christmas

Christmas is a busy time of year, so adding moving duties to the list can be really overwhelming for a lot of people. Despite the hectic holidays, December is actually a very popular time for people to move around the Lower Mainland. That being said, it’s not a very popular time for friends or family to HELP you move, which makes it an excellent time to hire MoversBC!

Why Is December a Good Time To Move?

Often the “off season” of winter will have some moving companies twiddling their thumbs and ready to offer a deal when the phone finally rings. The weather is cold and wet, the traffic is nuts and Christmas day is near, but with the kids off from school it can actually be an excellent time to rally the helpful family troops and get a good deal on moving too.

In addition, the office tends to be less busy during the holidays, so asking for a couple extra days off to do your moving duties, or already HAVING the time off – is a true bonus for getting packed and unpacked for your Vancouver -and area- move.

How a December Move Can Be a Stress-Free Experience

By booking your moving company in a timely fashion, you will be able to secure a reputable moving company and perhaps even negotiate a deal.

Also, book your essentials before the holidays too. Things like heat, hydro and cable are things you are going to want to have “on order” before your move to ensure you are warm and cozy come Christmas morning.

MoversBC is considered to be one of the most professional movers across the province and within the Lower Mainland, so you can be assured that you will receive a […]

3 Tips for Getting Settled After a Move

Moving to a new home can be an exciting and fresh way to begin a new phase of life. Whether you are recently married and buying your first home, transitioning to a bigger family home for your growing clan, or downsizing to a retirement nook now that your children are grown …there are many reasons and seasons for moving – and MoversBC is here to help every step of the way with your Lower Mainland moving needs!

As such, we felt these top 3 Tips for Getting Settled After a Move would be helpful to our reading audience and future customers…

Make a List, Check It Twice

Once you have all your boxes moved into your home, be sure to check over your items for any damage or missing pieces. Ideally you have made a list of all the important things and can check off this itemized list for peace of mind.

If you do find anything broken or missing, take a picture right away and inform your moving company of such matters. The sooner they are informed, the sooner the issue can be resolved.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Knowing what days your garbage and recycling pick-up happens is an important part in allowing you to get back to business as usual. Missing a garbage day in the Lower Mainland means waiting 2 more weeks until the next pick-up day occurs. So get informed so that all your moving supplies can be carted away and your living space can be de-cluttered ASAP.

Lock It Down

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home, so changing the locks in your new home is a smart way to better protect you and your family. Often times people hand out keys to friends and family, […]

How To Make the Most of a Rainy Day Move

Unfortunately, the weather will not always work in your favour during move day, and that rings especially true for the rainy season of fall in Langley and the surrounding areas. But there are ways to still make your move a pleasant one despite this – and MoversBC wanted to fill you in on how to make the most of your rainy day move!

Don’t Let ‘Light Rain’ Fool Ya

A drizzly day can cause just as much damage to your household items as a downpour, so even though the forecast may call for light showers, this collection of raindrops can still quickly create a soaking wet mess of your furniture and boxes. So take the safe route and pack with the assumption that it will be raining during your move – if nothing else, you items will be protected against breakage and dirt too!

Protect Your Floors

Wet weather can also mean muddy shoes, so be sure to lay down blankets, towels, or cardboard (that won’t slip) to keep your floors as clean as possible with people traipsing in and out of your home. In fact, it’s an excellent time to pull out those old towels you’ve been certain you will use one day …saving them for a “rainy day” has truly arrived!

Make Your Garage a Portal

If you have an attached garage, this is an excellent space to pile up your household items and have them taken directly into your moving truck. Whether moving you are moving yourself or you have hired a Langley moving company – the less steps required from your house to the moving truck, the less time your move will take overall. So direct your moving truck in as tightly as possible to your […]